The Unknown Brewing Co – Silverback American Stout


Style: American Stout

Country: USA

ABV: 6.5%

Score: 3.5 of 5

The Unknown Brewing Co. is close to my house and they boast of an amazing space to hang out and enjoy a pint or two. I remember disliking most everything they released during their first few months. Later, I found out that the brewing they contracted at the time was not following their recipe accordingly… hearsay… As of today, I truly enjoy most of their offerings and hanging out at their brewery.

Silverback is a fairly new offering and the second beer they offer in six pack cans. This American Stout pours as black as your soul with approximately one finger of beautiful tan head. The head lingers around for a while leaving behind very thin lacing which eventually completely disappears mid-glass.

The nose hits you with very strong aromas of sweet dark chocolate, roasted malt and coffee. Not much else going on here but the aroma is to be expected for the style.

There is a strong bitterness the second it touches your tongue. Almost excessive for this style of beer. I expected some sweetness at the back end but there was none to speak of; just additional bitterness. Although I feel that the level of bitterness is a little much for a stout, it is not unpleasant and becomes more welcoming as the beer warms a bit. You will find strong charred, burnt malt which compliment the bitterness fairly well. Also expect heavy notes of dark chocolate laced with roasted coffee beans, but these are much to be expected.

Overall, Silverback is a very easy drinking beer, especially during nippy weather. Another solid offering by The Unknown Brewing Co. which only makes me excited about what else they plan to brew next.


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