Style: Belgian-style Cream Ale

Country: USA

ABV: 5.4%

Score: 3.5 of 5

Beer trading has become an increasingly popular hobby for many craft beer lovers. Trading allows us to get our greedy little paws on liquid beauties we otherwise would have to travel to obtain. I began trading a while back and it has become a frequent, but expensive, part in my life. If you’re interested in trading, which I highly recommend, check out The Beer Exchange to get started. I received this beer in a trade today along with some other beers I cant get in my area. I don’t recall discussing it with the trader so I am just going to assume this was an extra he decided to throw in at the last minute.

The can describes it as a Belgian Style Cream Ale brewed with spices. If I hadn’t read the can I would have assumed this was some sort of wit with a healthy addition of spices based on the way it smelled. Up front, I got a good amount of bittery citrus notes on the nose which leaned heavily on the sour lemon side instead of the more common sweet orange. I picked up other yet undecipherable spices in there, as well as a good dose of wheat.

Ermal’s has a cloudy and hazy pale-orange appearance. I poured my 16-oz can into my New Belgian pint snifter and the head topped my glass with about two fingers before I could pour out the entire can. The head dissipates quickly leaving behind a micro-thin lacing that sticks around for the entire glass.

A big punch of lemongrass and an odd peppery sting were very noticeable on the palate. In the middle there is a slight grain and wheat sweetness with lots of straw and hay. It is hard to notice much after the big wallop of lemongrass and citrus at the front. The back end gives way to more of the peppery spice on top of grassy notes, a strong herbal bitterness and faint coriander.

Overall a very drinkable beer! Belgian wits (although this claims to be a Belgian Cream Ale) are not on the top of my favorite-styles list, but I can down a few of these. There is definitely a nice, welcoming twist on the Belgian wit style (Belgian Cream Ale style… whatever) that Warped Wing brings to the table with this one.


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