Style:  IPA

Country:  United States

ABV:  6%

Score: 3 out of 5

Saw Works Brewing Company is a brewery straight out of my home state. Located in Knoxville, TN, I hope to make a pit stop at this brewery the next time I venture home for a visit. Currently, Saw Works Brewing offers four different brews to try:  A brown ale, a pale ale, No Easy Day IPA, and the one I am currently drinking, their Rocky Hop IPA.

This beer pours a beautiful golden copper color with moderate frothy head. There isn’t really a distinctive nose, maybe some mild sweetness and a little bit of citrus rinde,  but fairly unremarkable, overall.

Initially this beer hits you with a mild sweetness to the pallet. It has good carbonation and is on the higher end of a medium body and mouth feel. It is certainly hoppy and a little bitter but in a good way. Unfortunately, as this beer warms, it leaves an almost medicinal flavor lingering at the the back of the tongue.

Over all, Saw Works Rocky Hop IPA is a fairly drinkable beer. I couldn’t consume more than two in a single sitting nor is it a beer I’d crave or get excited to drink again, but it is a decent beer at the end of the day.





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