NoDa Brewing Company – Sticky When Wet


Brewery: NoDa Brewing Company

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.31 %

Score: 4 out of 5

If you live in the region you most certainly have partaken in a NoDa beer. Hop Drop, Ramble, Cavu, Par 4, Coco Loco… the list goes on. All quality beers that strike the notes of their style. However, Sticky When Wet is something new and refreshing for IPA drinkers, hell for non-IPA folks as well.

This brew is golden in color with low head retention, moderate carbonation, niced lacing – not a fizzy beer (eggsellent Smithers). Right off the cuff the nose is piny, citrus and floral – all thanks to Citra and Mosaic. Immediately I conjure bitterness. Not so. The balancing act between peach and grapefruit provides a touch of dryness, but also subtracts a significant amount of bitterness. Don’t get me wrong it still maintains your quintessential IPA bitterness and hop characteristics. However, without leaving you like you sucked on a pine cone. It has the dankness of an IPA, the aroma and palette of an IPA, bit of subtle fruit funkiness leaving itself very drinkable to a wide variety of beer lovers. I could easily drown many of these.

Do yourself a favor, if you see it give it a try. You won’t regret it. It’s nice to see NoDa coming out with something fresh and different. All of their offerings are strong and tasty, but I can find the same thing in a variety of other local, nano, micro and macro breweries. Sticky Wet Hop stands out from this.

Overall 4/5, would seek out and have as a regular. Keep up the good work NoDa.

Hoist ’em high!


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