Blackstone Brewing Company – Nut Brown Ale


Style: English Style Brown Ale


Score: 3.25 0f 5

Blackstone Brewing Company, calling Nashville, Tennessee home, has been brewing amazing craft beer since 1994. With multiple, local locations, the brewing company serves the public along side some pretty amazing food in their restaurants as well.These folks have been winning awards for their creations since 1996, their most recent “hardware” being awarded for their St. Charles Porter in 2013.

Pouring about a finger of head,  a beautiful shade of amber , this beer is not disappointing to the eye or the palate. Being full of roasted characteristics,  developed  malt and caramel notes, this nut brown ale is a big palate pleaser to the taste bud Gods.

On the nose, aromas of bread and slightly carmelish notes are picked up, but, overall, being pretty mellow. This nut brown ale has an initial, mild sweetness along with some nuttiness on the palate. This beer leaves a slight bitterness to the linger, it’s mouth feel being medium with the perfect amount of carbonation which is pleasant, indeed.

Overall, Blackstone Brewing Company’s Nut Brown Ale is a very drinkable beer. I’d recommend this one to anyone looking for something to crack open with dinner on the grill or a good medium rare ribeye. Blackstone, again, makes impeccable beer. I see more of this sudsy relationship happening in the very near future.


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