Potosi Brewing Co. – Snake Hollow IPA


Brewery: Potosi Brewing Co.

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.5 %

Score: Pending a fresh pour!

I must admit, I know nothing of Potosi Brewing Co. I picked up this single bottle during a trip to Illinois from a little liquor store that had a wide variety of beer. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff was dusty and scattered. I think we were there for possibly 30-45 minutes and, aside from the cashier, we were the only people there. I picked up a few other goodies too, which I might review at later dates.

The bottle states that this is a “MidWest IPA”, whatever that means. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste like an IPA at all. Admittedly, I didn’t make the best choice of glassware when I poured this, but alas, it is what it is. This IPA pours a little cloudy and copper in color, forming a finger-wide, off-white froth. The head lingers for about a minute, leaving behind sticky, thick lacing with tiny bubbles dancing around on the surface. Upon first glance, I was sure I was in for an amazing beer experience.

My excitement died immediately when i took a whiff. Instead of the typical scents associated with an IPA, I mostly got sticky caramel, toffee, and tons of perfume-like notes. I immediately checked the bottle for dates, as I am certain this beer is very old and all the hops have died out by now. I’m sad to report that Potosi Brewing Co. does not date their bottles. I have always found this somewhat on the criminal side for small, craft breweries as I would take pride on the freshest beer on the market.

My first sip made me cringe. The palate was the same as the nose. My bottle of Snake Hollow IPA was all sticky, sweet, caramel malt. The bottle boasts of huge flavors of citrusy hops and grapefruit, but none of these were remotely present. There is a very faint presence of bitterness in the finish, but not exactly in a good way either. This is a muddled mess of an out-of-date IPA, which is one of the styles most severely affected by time.

Carbonation held great in this medium-bodied ale, but that is just about the only positive thing I was able to  say about it. It would be unfair of me to give Snake Hollow IPA a rating based on this experience. It is not their fault shady retailers (and I used to work for one) don’t take care of, or keep up with, their shelves. Although, It is Potosi’s fault that they do not date their bottles. I will keep a rating pending on this one as I hope to be able to try it again under better circumstances.



  1. Hey Javier! Thanks for taking a stab at trying out our beer! A couple things I think I can help you out with. First, sorry you ended up with an old beer and had a bad experience. Believe me when I say that we hate hearing about old beer on the shelves. We’d be more than happy to send you a replacement beer or set up to have some fresher beer waiting for you at a retailer out in the market if you’ll be back in our distribution area anytime soon. Second, we actually do julian date every one of our beers up on the neck. It’s a semi-hidden sort of ink and unfortunately it does smudge a bit too easily, but we put them on there. You can email us at info@potosibrewery.com and I can see about figuring something out for you. Hope this helps! And keep up the great work with this beer blog! Looks like you guys are having a great time with it and providing great reviews.

    Potosi Brewing Company
    Potosi, WI

    • Whoa! I would have never thought breweries read this! Thank you for your note, and trust me, I feel the retailer should have done something about it instead of just leaving it out there. From the same batch of sinigle bottles I got from that store I pulled another beer that was bottled mid 2014. The date on this one must have rubbed off cause I didn’t find any.

      I would love to try some of your beer as I think this was probably really good at some point! I doubt I’ll be in Illinois anytime soon though.

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