Brewery: Heavy Seas Beer

Style:  Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 8%

Score:  3.75 of 5

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Heavy Seas Beer has a quaint little story attached to its name. What started as lending a helping hand with the family’s business running a tavern eventually turned into legalizing and opening the first brewpub in Maryland in late summer of 1989.  Today, Heavy Seas has over 20 years experience and nearly as many beers under their belt.

I’ve had the pleasure of consuming Peg Leg once before this review, and let it be known, it didn’t disappoint the second go ’round. This bottle of dark deliciousness pours a delightful dark brown, almost black, color with about a quarter finger of caramel colored head that quickly dissipates.

The nose on this beer is a bit boozy initially. I get a lot of  dark chocolate notes, some molasses also. There is a vague sweetness there also, very toasty on the nose. First sip lends itself to a smooth, medium body, almost creamy on the pallet. Full of those dark, rich malted notes, a slight bitterness from the hops. It certainly delivers with the expected characteristics of a good stout. Peg Leg finishes with  this decadent creamy, malty deep dark chocolate linger and mouth feel. A pleasing beer, indeed.

Overall, this is a very drinkable beer. It’s well crafted, doesn’t disappoint the in any sense, and is absolutely one I would recommend with a steak dinner! Heavy Seas Beer has an amazing line of beer, an incredible back story, and from the looks of things, plans to stick around a while making this consumer quite happy. They have a little something to please most anyone’s fancy and I encourage everyone to give them a try.


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