Southern Prohibition – Jack The Sipper


Brewery: Southern Prohibition Brewing

Style:  ESB

ABV: 5.3%

Score:  3 of 5

I have always loved a solid ESB. Believe it or not, good ESBs are not that easy to find. It is a style that is very easy to muddle and screw up. We recently tried our hand at a new ESB recipe here at home, which turned out pretty damned good. Although it needs some tweaking, it was a solid foundation.

A couple of months back, Bee took a trip up to Nashville and brought me a smorgasbord of beers we cannot get locally. Among them, were three cans from Southern Prohibition Brewing. First things first, Souther Prohibition has some very cool artwork on their cans. The three cans she brought me depicted a type of film noir art style, à la Frank Miller. My can’s depiction of a female Jack the Ripper is pretty amazing! It is also worth noting that this beer won Silver in 2014 at the Wolrd Beer Championships.

This ESB pours a deep, blood orange that finishes with a cream-colored head. The head is thick and dense at approximately one finger. This is the type of frothy pour that makes beer look inviting and delicious. The density of the froth makes it sticky and laces gorgeously to the walls and the surface of the beer.

There isn’t much going on the nose, I detect some faint notes of toast and yeast. But not really much else. On the front, this beer appeared slightly stale at first. It was reminiscent of dead hops in an IPA. I also detected loads of caramely/toffee malt sweetness. The strong, bready malt back-bone is nicely complemented by a full, rich, and semi-dry body. It finishes with some nice noble hop bitterness… possibly Hallertau or Saaz. As a nice little goodbye, Jack the Sipper surprised me by sneaking in some faint, sweet notes of chocolate on the back end.

I’ve had two or three more offerings by Southern Prohibition Brewing, and all have been well-crafted beers. Jack the Sipper was not the exception. If you enjoy malty, sweet beers  with full body and much drinkability, this ESB is definitely for you.


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