D9 Brewing Company -Hakuna Matata Tropical IPA


Style: American IPA

ABV: 6.6%

Score: 3.5

D9 Brewing is a fairly new microbrewery located in Cornelius, North Carolina, just a short drive North of Charlotte. I had the privilege of attending their Grand Opening in 2014, and was pleased and impressed with the selection of  beer they had on tap, from dark ales to sours to oak aged ales as well. D9 is currently working on a pretty significant expansion, adding 5 additional taps to the 10 already offered.

Grabbing a small snifter from the cupboard, this tropical IPA poured about half a finger of creamy head. It’s a bit hazy, with its beautiful golden amber color. Almost immediately, my nose was met with notes of coconut, although Hakuna Matata doesn’t seem to have coconut as an ingredient. There is also a sweet hoppyness  and some citrus notes that are to be expected from this tropical beverage.

The palate is rewarded with some bitterness and complex hops. It is followed with amazing notes of citrus and a hint of pineapple lingering in the background. It’s a little bit brassy on the back of the tongue which isn’t unusual with a good IPA. D9’s Hakuna Matata has a medium carbonation and leaves a bit thicker mouth feel, but certainly nothing unpleasant.

Over all, this beer is a well developed IPA with its use of 8 different hops from around the globe. It’s refreshing, fulfilling and one I could certainly enjoy a couple of in a single sitting. I can see this IPA being easily paired with some really amazing spicy Indian cuisine or anything fried and salty. I stand behind any recommendation to give this beer a try.

With their expansion under way, I’m excited to see what the future holds for D9 Brewing and the new brew they will have to offer the public in the near future. If it’s anything compared to the amazing suds they are currently brewing, I think we all will be in for a bubbly treat.


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