Careless Bear Honey Brown



3 lbs Light Dried Malt Extract

1 bag Specialty Malt

  • Chocolate Malt
  • Crystal – 120L
  • Honey Malt
  • Victory Malt

1/2 oz Zythos bittering pellet hops

1 tablet Whirfloc

1/2 oz Zythos aromatic pellet hops

2 lbs Honey


Starting Gravity: 1.053

Terminal Gravity: 1.012

ABV: 4.4%

SRM: 21

IBU: 19

Fermentation Temp: 65°

About the beer

Our Careless Bear Brown Ale was made just that way… carelessly. The brewer simply did not follow any of the conventional brewing methods. Instead, opting to just throw stuff in, during and after the boil in any which way and without taking measurements, readings or much else.

Oddly enough, the results weren’t’ horrible . They weren’t what you would call desirable, or a brown ale, or a honey brown ale… more like a mead, with tons of grain in the finish. Careless Bear (for now, at least) is a very dry, cloyingly sweet darker beer. Perfect for those who love meads, ciders, or sweeter beverages. We definitely plan to reformulate this into a proper Honey Brown Ale in the near future.