Die Bienenkönigin American Hefeweizen



6 lbs Wheat Dried Malt Extract

1 bag Specialty Malts

  • Crystal Malt – 10L
  • AM Munich Malt
  • AM Red Wheat Malt

3/4 oz Mt Hood pellet hops

I packet SafAle #US-05 yeast


Starting Gravity: 1.060

Final Gravity: 1.012

ABV: 6.3%

SRM: 7

IBU: 20

Fermentation Temp: 72°-74°

About the beer

New craft beer lovers are born with every sip. New brewers are born with every beer. This is Bee’s (Donna) first home brew; An American Hefeweizen. This traditional German style was “Americanized” by using SafAle05 to achieve a smoother wheat beer taste

The Die Bienenkönigin has an off-white head and a light golden color. The aroma is of sweet malt. The palate is smooth and clean tasting malt sweetness and slight wheat flavor with a semi-dry aftertaste. By using SafAle05, we discouraged the development of banana and clove characteristics which are associated with its German counterpart.