The Queen Bee American Pale Ale



6 lbs Light Dried Malt Extract

1 bag Specialty Malt

  • Crystal Malt – 20L
  • Crystal Malt – 40L
  • Crystal Malt – 60L

1 1/2 oz Cascade pellet hops

1 tablet  Whirfloc

1 oz Zythos pellet hops

1 packet Safale #US-05


Starting Gravity: 1.062

Terminal Gravity: 1.016

ABV: 6%

SRM: 13

IBU: 27

Fermentation Temp: 65°

About the beer

This beer was brewed in the style of most brewpub pale ales. Our pale ale was aggressively hopped with high alpha hops of American origin. Carbonation and head retention properties are comparable to, but slightly higher than a Bitter, with a woody/estery aroma profile.

This was Donna’s second attempt at homebrewing. We are glad to report that this A.P.A. is a very fine example of the style with deep amber color, slight citrus notes and nice round bitterness and malt. We can’t imagine this batch will last long in the keezer!


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